Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

With PEACH participation, you can earn up to 8 CEUs.

What is a Continuing Education Unit (CEU)?

According to Cal Poly:

Extended Education Unit (CEU) One CEU = ten contact hours of participation in organized extended education/training experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction (definition of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training-IACET). Extended Education Units (CEUs) are based on the number of sixty-minute contact hours for a course or program. (Example: If a course or program meets ten contact hours, you will receive one CEU.) To receive CEUs, you must be present for the entire course or program.

Earned CEUs may be useful in maintaining certification or licensure. They may also document your continuing professional education for an employer, association or credentialing agency. Cal Poly Extended Education will maintain a record of the CEUs you have earned through our programs and courses. CEUs are for non-credit courses or programs. They cannot be converted to quarter or semester hour credit and they cannot be applied to degree programs.

If you have questions about CEUs or your records, please contact Cal Poly Extended Education by phone: 805-756-2053, e-mail: [email protected], or fax: 805-756-5933.

It is important to note that a CEU is not transferable to quarter or semester units of academic credit.

Each agency external to Cal Poly (e.g.  DODEA) decides how to use the CEU’s for professional development or advancement purposes. It is beyond the scope of Cal Poly to make such determinations for each of these agencies.


4 CEUs: $175 

40 Hours of Certification.

6 CEUs: $215 

60 Hours of Certification.

7 CEUs: $235 

70 Hours of Certification.

8 CEUs: $255 

80 Hours of Certification.

Clock hours available for various states at no cost.