Q: Who is the PEACH Conference for?

For Middle and High School Teachers, coaches, athletic admins and directors

Q: What are the dates of the workshop?

July 13-19, 2019

Q: Can I get professional credit from this workshop?

Participants have the options of purchasing 4-8 Continuing Education Units. One CEU = 10 contact hours of participation in organized continuing education/training experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction (definition of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training – IACET)
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are based on the number of sixty-minute contact hours for a course or program. (Example: If a course or program meets ten contact hours, one CEU will be awarded.) To receive CEUs, a participant must be present for the entire course or program.

Earned CEUs may be useful in maintaining certification or licensure. They may also document continuing professional education for an employer, association, or credentialing agency. School districts convert CEU’s however they need to. Check with your school district prior to coming to workshop.

Cal Poly Extended Education maintains a record of the CEUs participants have earned through programs and courses approved for CEUs.

CEUs will not be awarded retroactively. Registration for CEUs must occur at the time of the program.

CEUs are for non-credit courses or programs. They cannot be converted to quarter or semester hour credit and they cannot be applied to degree programs.

Q: Why participate in the Workshop?

The purpose of the conference is to promote interest and professional advancement opportunities for teachers, coaches, and athletic administrators; to provide opportunities for in-service education, staff development, and self-improvement; to upgrade programs of physical education, coaching and health by identification and presentations of trends and exemplary teaching techniques and programs


Q: What is the Conference Management fee?

The Conference Management fee is a fee of $196 ($28/day x 7 days)
This fee is included in the housing fee for those staying on campus. This amount will be applied to EXTRA to those not staying on campus.

Q: What is the 7-Day Registration fee?

$415.00 – Fees may be paid online with any major credit card

Q: What are the additional fees?

GOLF: $15
REQUIRED MEAL PLAN: $155 Meals include lunch Monday – Friday, Continental breakfasts, and 3 Dinners (Saturday Welcome Dinner, Monday Bunco, Tuesday BBQ)
CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT FEE: $196 ($28/day x 7 days) This fee is included in the housing fee for those staying on campus. This amount will be applied EXTRA to those not staying on campus
Please note: Purchase Orders are not accepted. Please register on-line.

Q: What are the housing fees?

HOUSING PRICES: (Up to 4 people in a shared apartment)
7 NIGHTS = $747.25 (Individual Room w/in Apartment)
*Additional nights stays are available at $106.75/night
*You can reserve these additional nights when you register.

Housing costs include parking @ $10/day (5 days) and workshop overhead fees @ $28/day (6 days for a total of $168.00) If you stay off campus, you will still be charged the overhead fee of $168.00. You may choose to purchase a parking permit or not.

Q: Can I get a refund?

Refunds regarding registration fees may be given to participants two days prior to the workshop. Cal Poly University will determine if the housing portion will be refunded.


Q: What is the Conference Management fee?

The Conference Management fee is a fee of $196 ($28/day x 7 days)
This fee is included in the housing fee for those staying on campus. This amount will be applied to EXTRA to those not staying on campus.

Q: What time is registration?

Sunday, July 12th from 10 am – 12 pm

Q: What will you need for registration?

For registration (upon arrival) you will need:
1) Your preferred method of payment (credit cards will only be accepted for the registration fee, housing, and meals- NO CHECKS)
2) knowledge of your district’s policy for Professional Credits (CEU’s)
3) Check, Cash, or Credit Card for Casino Night, Silent Auction, and Golf Tournament.

Q: What if I need to register early?

Contact the workshop Directors if you plan on arriving prior to Sunday, July 12th,2020. Call the Director so we can make plans to accommodate your arrival.

Q: What if I need to register late?

If you arrive after the scheduled check-in hours for Sunday registration you will be assessed a late check in fee, unless prior arrangements are made with the Director Conference and Event Planning.


Q: What does housing include?

Housing location will be in POLY CANYON VILLAGE on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus.

Rates Include:
· Accommodation in a shared apartment with a kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom and common living area.
· Full registration services including conference and housing check-in and check-out
· Campus Parking
· Recreation equipment check-out
· Linen package
· Meeting space within the residence hall
· Conference signage

Q: How will housing be assigned?

On-campus Workshoppers, Staff and Committee members will be housed in the University residence halls. You will find that dorm living is an asset to your enjoyment of the Workshop, although workshoppers may reside on or off campus. Non registered-overnight-guests of workshoppers must pay for their own housing and ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ATTEND Workshop activities. Please do not abuse this rule.

Dorm rooms will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis the day of registration. Plan to arrive early. If you have a roommate preference, plan to meet and register at the same time. A $25 service fee will be applied to any changes in your housing assignment once you have checked in.


Q: What purpose does the name tag serve?

Your name tag helps you to become acquainted with other workshoppers and will admit you to facilities AND CLASSES. You will not be admitted to meals and other facilities on campus without your name tag. There is a fee of $5 for lost name tags. Please wear your name tag to all workshop functions.

Q: When are announcements made?

All announcements are made during lunch or using the REMIND app. If you have a special announcement, please see the director or assistant director.

Q: What should you bring?

Bedspread, bulletin board materials, clock radio, clothes hangers, coffee mug, cooler, computer, desk lamp, robe, iron, laundry soap, quarters, decorations, soap/shampoo, and any other comforts of home.

Dance and exercise routines, music, software, teaching aids, notebooks, and a lot of ideas, videos, and anything else you would like to share.

Beach chair, beach towel, bicycle, boogie board, wetsuit, softball glove, clipboard, body boarding fins, video camera, camera, musical instrument, radio, kayak, paddle board, costumes, swim suit, iPod, running shoes, compression pants or sleeves ☺. Appropriate shoes must be worn in the recreation center and gym.

Casual sport clothing may be worn for meals. Bring appropriate clothing for an active week, as well as clothing for weekend activities such as golf, bicycling, tennis, dinner, swimming, dancing, etc. BRING WARM CLOTHING for the early morning and nights as it may be foggy and/or cool.

Special Events and Tournaments have been organized by our Tournament Committee for you to enjoy. We urge you to participate as they have been created to serve as examples for your own program. They are planned to create a friendly, competitive atmosphere regardless of skill level.

Much of the sporting equipment needed for tournaments will be supplied by the University. Bring whatever personal equipment you might want to use.

Q: What other special events are happening?

Bunco Night, Night on the Town, Game Nights, BBQ and Dancing Night, and Bonfire Social.

Q: Am I responsible for lost keys?

Lock your door and take your key when leaving your room. Your room key fee and core change fee of $100. ATM machines are located in the plaza area of the University Union.

Q: Is alcohol prohibited?

ALCHOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE PROHIBITED ON CAMPUS. Please do not abuse this University rule, and jeopardize the future Workshops at Cal Poly. There is no smoking in public buildings in SLO.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

Cal Poly prohibits pets from being kept in the dorms or left in recreational vehicles parked in the parking lot. Occupancy of recreational vehicles on campus is prohibited. Special R.V. storage may be allowed with arrangements made at least fifteen working days in advance. If you wish to bring your pet, kennel reservations are recommended.

V-2 Ranch, York Mtn. Rd., Templeton (805) 238-1896
Caponco Kennel, Rt. 2, Box 437, S.L.O. (805) 772-2887

Q: When are quiet hours?

10:00p.m.-7:00a.m. Please do not use the laundry rooms after 10:00 p.m.
Laundry rooms are located on the first floor of each dorm.